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Keerthu and Swathi!!

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Keerthu and Swathi!!

My School friends!! 🙂



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My bessst friend ever!! she and I have been best friends from 3rd grade.. She’s one person who never gives up on me! she’s very naughty and talkative unlike me 😛 She s the best person with whom u can have fun!! 🙂 but these days she’s always buuusssyyy!!:(


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Hello!!! Here I am with my first ever blog. This blog is something about life. A great man’s life!! All of us love to go back to school not to study of course but for the innocent crowd of true friends and never ending fun in class. And we all found it and still find it really difficult to study maths and chemistry in spite of studying in a good English medium school with good staffs (hardly found in my col). But lets have a look on this person’s life.

He was born in a village near coimbatore in 1956, lived in a house which is not more than half of our hostel rooms. He studied in a tamil medium school with torn trousers, buttonless shirts and rubber slippers. Had no electricity and his dad cycled at about 30km everyday to his factory and back home (were we are sooo lazy to walk to class from hostel n vice versa). He studied hard and stood first in school. And that really encouraged him to study more, so he came tocoimbatore and stayed at his step uncle’s place (“step uncle” u should know how they would have treated him). He did his training in PSG for half a year and got to do chemical engineering in CIT. Our hero being a tamil medium student had to concentrate 5times more than the ordinary students. But he was really good in maths and chemistry. He was a good student, “real good student” who attends class properly. He was a teetotaler too. He was very silent and an awesome veena player.

Like all guys he fantasized cricket. He played with few small guys in colony. One small guy who was well-to-do fancied this person as a good all-rounder in cricket and a very good guy in person. He treated this guy like his own brother as he was the only son. He was invited to this rich guy’s house sorry a bungalow which was 4000sq feet huge. There were two cars, one red Morris car and one fiat which always stood in the parking lot. This small guy’s dad had a huge factory and the house was built in an area of one acre. He had two younger siblings, a girl who was just 11months younger to her brother and 9yrs younger to our hero, came and smiled at him. His mom, a tall fair beautiful fat lady wearing a silk saree and glittering jewellery of gold and diamonds which would probably be the best saree his mom has and the jewellery which is more than his mom’s total assets gave him one of the best coffee with a big smile. They were very affectionate to him and he became very close to this family.

Years passed by and our hero got his degree successfully. His staffs were proud of him as he got through in first class although he was a tamil medium. His friend had applied in IIT Kanpur for post graduation and got his interview letter the next week. But he knew he couldn’t make it cos of his family situations. So our hero was compelled by his friend to attend the interview. He had absolutely no hopes of getting into it. But he gave it a try and totally forgot about it. He was searching for a job and meanwhile went to his dad’s factory. He was planning to do electroplating when he got his admission from IIT Kanpur. He was bewildered for a moment and his parents dint react much cos they dint know the value of it. He went to Kanpur and was surprised to see the extremely huge campus were they used cycles to move from hostel to coll and vice versa. And now he had to concentrate more than 5times than the others to get the pass mark. He missed home. He missed his cricket and he missed his new family. He finally overcame the worst phase of his first year, “his semesters” and came back happily to coimbatore for his vacations to meet his family and friends.

He went to his little friends house and was dumbstruck when he saw his sister. She was in coll then and had become a tall beautiful young lady with a perfect figure. She was bold, clever, naughty and very straight forward. Everybody liked her and she was fun to be with. He went to her house (not HIS anymore) more than before. And she was also impressed by his innocence, decency, patience, etc etc. They became closer friends while it was time for him to go back to IIT. He called up to her house once a week. And he started speaking more to his sister. She missed him too. So she kept writing letters to him every now and then and she got replies regularly. She being beautiful, rich and a nice girl kept getting alliances which she kept ignoring. And finally as you guessed the girl fell in love with our hero. So letters became love letters and conversations turned out to be in English (hey wait.. not peter and all its for their parents not knowing about what they speak).

He successfully finished his chemical engineering and came back to start his own business. And he started his electroplating business and it went not bad. He married the girl whom he loved in spite of her parents not agreeing to it. Fortunately they were of the same caste but the so called status was a big problem. Since the girl’s dad had a big downfall, he was depressed. And he always had a great confidence on his daughter which was one of the reasons for accepting to the marriage. They finally got married.

He slowly improved his business. He got good job opportunities abroad but was not interested to leave his family, business and country. They lived in a rent house and had a bike when their daughter was born. He worked really hard. He goes to the factory at the middle of the night to have an eye on the production. The rented house became his own house and he bought a new maruthi car when his son was born. He shifted his mom and dad (who was blind) to his newly bought house which made them so happy and proud of their son. He shifted to a nearby apartment so that his children would have a better exposure.

Starting a business from scratch is not easy at all. And its not a tamil movie were the hero comes out of all the problems in one song. He gave his children the best education and best exposure. He then sold that house and started building a bigger house and a bigger factory. He completed the construction with GREAT difficulty which will make this blog 4 more pages long. And during all his bad phases of life his wife was his greatest support which is a sign of true love.


The hero of this story is none other than my own dad!! Most of us don’t know how hard our dads’ work to educate us and keep us happy expecting nothing but love in return!! Let me not get too sentimental but just think how hard our parents work to keep us happy. And what do we do in return ??? i cant do the same thing he’s done to me. I can never do that.

“But I promise whatever happens I’ll be there for you anytime and I’ll always love you dad!!!”